Curriculum Intent Statement

At Ashover we have consulted with Parents and Pupils and as a staff team to identify key drivers that we feel should be embedded into our Primary Curriculum in light of current national and international issues and areas specific to the needs of pupils in our school community. These drivers are:

  • Enterprise/Aspirations/Budgeting
  • Local Heritage
  • Extended/Cross Curricular Reading
  • Extended/Cross Curricular Writing
  • Personal physical and Mental Health
  • Climate Change
  • Multicultural and Rights Respecting Education


Subject Leaders have developed a progression of key skills, knowledge and vocabulary in their areas of responsibility. These are used, along with the 2021 Early Years Framework and the 2014 National Curriculum objectives, to create a long term overview of learning. This is then broken down further to create a medium term plan based around a learning theme or topic. Ashover’s curriculum drivers are embedded through each topic and visits and visitors are used to provide pupils with rich learning experiences to enhance learning.


Pupil’s are assessed against these identified skills and knowledge objectives. Their outcomes are used to measure progress and inform future planning.

National Curriculum 2014

The National Curriculum 2014 has been delivered in school since September 2014.

Under the NC2014, there have been significant changes to the age related expectations for each year group.


We teach The Essential Letters and Sounds Phonics and Early Reading Scheme to all pupils in Reception to Year 2 and children beyond Year 2 that have not met the required standard. 



For maths we follow the White Rose Planning Progression from YR-6. Please see how the learning is sequenced for each year group below:

YR White Rose Maths Sequence of Learning

Y1-6 White Rose Maths Sequence of Learning


The school is part of 'Derbyshire Ready', a group of schools who are committed to developing enterprise through our curriculum.


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