Governing Body

The governors are:


Andrew Coates

Emma Crowder

Ellen Hardwick

Helen Timmins

Sue Myhill

Vicky Buxton

Rebecca Vardy


Please use the links below to find out more about the Governing Body:


Key objectives, vision and ethos

What are the key objectives of the governing body?

What is the governing body's vision and ethos?


The governors

Photos of the governors

Who appointed / elected each governor?

What is the term in office for each governor?

What is the background of each governor?

What positions of responsibility does each governor hold?

How do I contact a governor?

What is the attendance record for each governor?

Where can I see the governors' declarations of interests?


How do I find out more about becoming a governor?

Please contact our Head Teacher, the Chair of the Governing Body, the Clerk to the Governing Body or any Governor.