Governing Body

The governors are:


Andrew Coates

Annie Rhodes

Johanne Boulding

Ellen Hardwick

Helen Timmins

Katie Hirst

Kieran Phelan

Sue Myhill

Vicky Buxton

Rebecca Vardy


Please use the links below to find out more about the Governing Body:


Key objectives, vision and ethos

What are the key objectives of the governing body?

What is the governing body's vision and ethos?


The governors

Photos of the governors

Who appointed / elected each governor?

What is the term in office for each governor?

What is the background of each governor?

What positions of responsibility does each governor hold?

How do I contact a governor?

What is the attendance record for each governor?

Where can I see the governors' declarations of interests?


How do I find out more about becoming a governor?

Please contact our Head Teacher, the Chair of the Governing Body, the Clerk to the Governing Body or any Governor.